Locanda Poste Vecie where to sleep in Venice

PROVEN hospitality....Located between the Market and the Rialto, in the very heart of the city, Hotel Locanda Poste Vecie of Venice welcomes guests in an atmosphere reminiscent of the 18th century complete with modern comforts. Guests will be able to stay in what was once the ancient Post Office of the Serenissima and where today the prestigious Antica Trattoria Poste Vecie operates as a hotel.

True to tradition Locanda Poste Vecie, welcomes guests in a typically Venetian ambiance of lacquered furnishings and precious fabrics featuring Venetian red and gold hues, the ancient colors of the Serenissima, the Republic that ruled Venice up to the 18th century.

 The services offered by Locanda Poste Vecie

The excellent service and quality comforts make it a truly comfortable hotel in the heart of  Venice.

WiFi Free

Access to the internet via free Wi-Fi throughout the hotel.


Restaurant Poste Vecie is one of Venice's historical premises, in which customers of the inn will get 20% discount on the total price.

Satellite TV

All rooms feature, included in the price, the overall vision of all Sky packages offered by the satellite platform.

Hotel in Venice Near Rialto Bridge: Locanda Poste Vecie

The surrounding areas to the Locanda are bustling with activity even in the early hours of the day when the market bursts with the sounds of typical Venice and the stands await laden with vegetables from Sant'Erasmo and fish from the lagoon valley ponds: moeche and masenete (crabs), schie (lagoon shrimp), go (gobies) and anguele (Atherines), are some of the crustaceans that make it into the exquisite recipes of Antica Trattoria Poste Vecie. The Bacari are great for some shadow (glass of wine) and a "cicheto" (small salty snack), and why not pastries for a "golosesso" (a taste of something sweet) and coffee. Then continue on to shops specializing in a wide range of merchandise that bring to mind old oriental market places. The trendiest boutiques are just after Rialto Bridge, on the Mercerie that lead to Saint Mark's where one of the most beautiful squares in the world is waiting for you with its monuments and museums of immense historical and artistic importance: Saint Mark Basilica , Ducal Palace, Loggia del Campanile, Procuratie with Biblioteca Marciana and Museo Correr.

A less touristy and perhaps even more fascinating Venice can be experienced at this side of the Rialto Bridge: in the labyrinth of narrow streets near the Locanda, which open up to the delightful Campo Santa Maria Domini surrounded by medieval palaces with their typical Byzantine-style windows: a 10-minute stroll will get you to Ca' Pesaro, a splendid and rare Venetian palace dating from the 17th century. This is the site of the Museum of Modern Art with one of the most important collections of modern and contemporary art in Italy. You will be able to admire works by Klimt and Chagall, major works by Kandinsky and Klee, Matisse and Moore and an extensive selection of Italian artists.

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